Science with present and future interferometric instruments Special Session 7 at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 10 and 11 July 2013, Turku, Finland

Special Session SOC: O. Chesneau, D. Mourard, P. Garcia, G. Perrin, J.-U. Pott and J. Surdej on behalf of the European Interferometry Initiatives Consortium (Eii, OPTICON)

During this Special Session N7, outstanding scientific results obtained so far from the hearts of various types of stars and extragalactic objects with present optical and near IR interferometric instruments such as MIDI, AMBER, PIONIER, CHARA, NPOI, will be presented.
The expected performances of new interferometric instruments (GRAVITY, MATISSE, LBTI, MROI, ) will be addressed.
Promising science niches for the future large optical arrays will be reviewed.
Finally, a general discussion dedicated to a roadmap for the mid and long terms of interferometry in Europe will take place at the end of this Special Session.